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Jonas gathers different images, forging them together into collages, eventually painting them. All of his compositions present bodies, referring to the art-history and the glorification of beauty, fusing it with erotic and contemporary iconographies. The viewer will also remark the presence of flowers, sometimes reaching out to mythological and art historical references.


He brings out the contrast in his selection of materials, methods, images and significations. Print-outs, drawings in pastel on wood, paintings, independant or consisting of several panels are presented as a whole, unleashing the energy of hide and seek.


This area of tension between graphic perfection and the imperfect hand of the painter, between the body and the worship, between handicraft and industry, challenges the spectator to look closer and wonder about the frictions arisen.






Teacher certification in the arts: School of Arts KASK, Ghent, 2015-2017


Master of Fine Arts: School of Arts KASK, Ghent, 2014-2016

Bachelor of Arts, Painting: School of Arts KASK, Ghent, 2011-2014

– Minor in Graphics , 2012-2013

– Minor in Textile Design Art, 2013-2014







Sensuality, Group exhibition, Kunst in Kortrijk Galerie, Courtray, BE.

Zomergasten, Group exhibition, Lieve Lambrecht Galerie en beedentuin, Meredree, BE.

Stimulans '18, Group exhibition, paardenstallen, BUBOX, Courtray, BE.

Presentation, Solo exhibition, KASKcafe, School of Arts KASK, Ghent, BE.

Weerklank, Group exhibition, Wuivend Riet, NTGent Café, Ghent, BE.



Inhabitant body, Group exhibition, Schipperskapel, Bruges, BE.

Fill up that back seat., Group exhibition, OPEL garage Regniers, Ghent, BE.

Kapellekesbaan, Group exhibition, Sint-Amanduskerk, O.L. Vrouw bezoekingskerk, Meulebeke, BE.

MASCULINE DOMINATION, old ideas, new ideas, Solo exhibition, NTGent cafe, Ghent, BE.

Just Married, Group exhibition, BLANCO, NUCLEO, Ghent, BE.



Masters Salon Painting, Group exhibition, Anciens Etablissements Vanderborght, Brussels, BE.

Masters Salon, Group exhibition, Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine arts, Antwerp, BE.

Blauw, Group exhibition, Kunstacademie Tielt, BE.

Graduation Show KASK, Group exhibition, KIOSK & Kunsttoren, KASK, Ghent, BE.

Artagon, Group exhibition, Passage de Retz, Paris, FR.

Tumult in Ghent #4, Group exhibition, KERK and Zwarte zaal, KASK, Ghent, BE.

The Saint, the Fox and their Dictionary, Group exhibition, Rio De Janeiro, BR.



iD-eST, Sint-Amanduskerk Bekegem, Group exhibition, Bekegem, BE.

De Biënnale van België, Group exhibition, In de Ruimte, Ghent, BE

7+1, Tis Gank, Group exhibition, Kunstacademie Tielt, BE.



Kaai1, Group exhibition, Kaai1, Courtray, BE.

NOW YOU ARE HERE, Group exhibition, NVT galerie, Ghent, BE.

Schilderkunst vs Schilderkunst, Group exhibition, NVT galerie, Ghent, BE.

Vlak Land, Group exhibition, Zwarte zaal, KASK, Ghent, BE.



Concordia Concours, Group exhibition, PAK, Gistel, BE.

Vuurdoop, Group exhibition, Kunsttoren KASK, Ghent, BE.



TRANSform, Group exhibition, De Bond, Bruges, BE.







Stimulans '18, Selected, paardenstallen, BUBOX, Courtray, BE.



Masters Salon, Selected, Lange Zaal, Royal Academy of Fine arts, Antwerp BE.

Artagon, Selected, Passage de Retz, Paris, FR.



Concordia Concours, 2nd place, PAK, Gistel, BE.




news Jonas Vanderbeke contact
news Jonas Vanderbeke contact